Lossless Compression with Probabilistic Circuits

by   Anji Liu, et al.

Despite extensive progress on image generation, deep generative models are suboptimal when applied to lossless compression. For example, models such as VAEs suffer from a compression cost overhead due to their latent variables that can only be partially eliminated with elaborated schemes such as bits-back coding, resulting in oftentimes poor single-sample compression rates. To overcome such problems, we establish a new class of tractable lossless compression models that permit efficient encoding and decoding: Probabilistic Circuits (PCs). These are a class of neural networks involving |p| computational units that support efficient marginalization over arbitrary subsets of the D feature dimensions, enabling efficient arithmetic coding. We derive efficient encoding and decoding schemes that both have time complexity ๐’ช (log(D) ยท |p|), where a naive scheme would have linear costs in D and |p|, making the approach highly scalable. Empirically, our PC-based (de)compression algorithm runs 5-20x faster than neural compression algorithms that achieve similar bitrates. By scaling up the traditional PC structure learning pipeline, we achieved state-of-the-art results on image datasets such as MNIST. Furthermore, PCs can be naturally integrated with existing neural compression algorithms to improve the performance of these base models on natural image datasets. Our results highlight the potential impact that non-standard learning architectures may have on neural data compression.


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