Max-Min Fairness User Scheduling and Power Allocation in Full-Duplex OFDMA Systems

by   Xiaozhou Zhang, et al.

In a full-duplex (FD) multi-user network, the system performance is not only limited by the self-interference but also by the co-channel interference due to the simultaneous uplink and downlink transmissions. Joint design of the uplink/downlink transmission direction of users and the power allocation is crucial for achieving high system performance in the FD multi-user network. In this paper, we investigate the joint uplink/downlink transmission direction assignment (TDA), user paring (UP) and power allocation problem for maximizing the system max-min fairness (MMF) rate in a FD multi-user orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) system. The problem is formulated with a two-time-scale structure where the TDA and the UP variables are for optimizing a long-term MMF rate while the power allocation is for optimizing an instantaneous MMF rate during each channel coherence interval. We show that the studied joint MMF rate maximization problem is NP-hard in general. To obtain high-quality suboptimal solutions, we propose efficient methods based on simple relaxation and greedy rounding techniques. Simulation results are presented to show that the proposed algorithms are effective and achieve higher MMF rates than the existing heuristic methods.


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