Message Dissemination in Connected Vehicles

by   Anirudh Paranjothi, et al.

Advances in connected vehicles based on Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) in recent years have gained significant attention in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in terms of disseminating messages in an efficient manner. VANET uses Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) for disseminating messages between vehicles and between infrastructures. Though DSRC based communications are viable, it is still challenging to disseminate messages in a timely manner when vehicles are not in the transmission range of each other. Furthermore, DSRC communication channels are heavily congested when the vehicle density increases on the road. To address these limitations, two emerging paradigms: 1) vehicular cloud computing and 2) vehicular fog computing are been adopted to disseminate message between the vehicles in a connected vehicular environment. Vehicular fog computing uses fog nodes for the dissemination of messages among vehicles. Any real-world object can be formed as a fog node by acquiring the properties such as 1) network connectivity, 2) computation, and 3) storage. In this book chapter, we highlight the significance of message dissemination in connected vehicles based on techniques like DSRC, vehicular cloud computing, and vehicular fog computing. Our objective is to help the readers better understand the fundamentals of connected vehicles and communication techniques while disseminating messages between vehicles and between infrastructures.


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