Metaheuristic Algorithms in Artificial Intelligence with Applications to Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Ecology and, the Manufacturing Industries

by   Elvis Han Cui, et al.
Tsinghua University
Alibaba Group

Nature-inspired metaheuristic algorithms are important components of artificial intelligence, and are increasingly used across disciplines to tackle various types of challenging optimization problems. We apply a newly proposed nature-inspired metaheuristic algorithm called competitive swarm optimizer with mutated agents (CSO-MA) and demonstrate its flexibility and out-performance relative to its competitors in a variety of optimization problems in the statistical sciences. In particular, we show the algorithm is efficient and can incorporate various cost structures or multiple user-specified nonlinear constraints. Our applications include (i) finding maximum likelihood estimates of parameters in a single cell generalized trend model to study pseudotime in bioinformatics, (ii) estimating parameters in a commonly used Rasch model in education research, (iii) finding M-estimates for a Cox regression in a Markov renewal model and (iv) matrix completion to impute missing values in a two compartment model. In addition we discuss applications to (v) select variables optimally in an ecology problem and (vi) design a car refueling experiment for the auto industry using a logistic model with multiple interacting factors.


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