MetroGAN: Simulating Urban Morphology with Generative Adversarial Network

by   Weiyu Zhang, et al.
University of Minnesota
Peking University

Simulating urban morphology with location attributes is a challenging task in urban science. Recent studies have shown that Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) have the potential to shed light on this task. However, existing GAN-based models are limited by the sparsity of urban data and instability in model training, hampering their applications. Here, we propose a GAN framework with geographical knowledge, namely Metropolitan GAN (MetroGAN), for urban morphology simulation. We incorporate a progressive growing structure to learn hierarchical features and design a geographical loss to impose the constraints of water areas. Besides, we propose a comprehensive evaluation framework for the complex structure of urban systems. Results show that MetroGAN outperforms the state-of-the-art urban simulation methods by over 20 Inspiringly, using physical geography features singly, MetroGAN can still generate shapes of the cities. These results demonstrate that MetroGAN solves the instability problem of previous urban simulation GANs and is generalizable to deal with various urban attributes.


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