MetroSets: Visualizing Sets as Metro Maps

by   Ben Jacobsen, et al.

We propose MetroSets, a new, flexible online tool for visualizing set systems using the metro map metaphor. We model a given set system as a hypergraph โ„‹ = (V, ๐’ฎ), consisting of a set V of vertices and a set ๐’ฎ, which contains subsets of V called hyperedges. Our system then computes a metro map representation of โ„‹, where each hyperedge E in ๐’ฎ corresponds to a metro line and each vertex corresponds to a metro station. Vertices that appear in two or more hyperedges are drawn as interchanges in the metro map, connecting the different sets. MetroSets is based on a modular 4-step pipeline which constructs and optimizes a path-based hypergraph support, which is then drawn and schematized using metro map layout algorithms. We propose and implement multiple algorithms for each step of the MetroSet pipeline and provide a functional prototype with easy-to-use preset configurations. several real-world datasets, we perform an extensive quantitative evaluation of the impact of different pipeline stages on desirable properties of the generated maps, such as octolinearity, monotonicity, and edge uniformity.


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