ML-EXray: Visibility into ML Deployment on the Edge

by   Hang Qiu, et al.

Benefiting from expanding cloud infrastructure, deep neural networks (DNNs) today have increasingly high performance when trained in the cloud. Researchers spend months of effort competing for an extra few percentage points of model accuracy. However, when these models are actually deployed on edge devices in practice, very often, the performance can abruptly drop over 10 obvious reasons. The key challenge is that there is not much visibility into ML inference execution on edge devices, and very little awareness of potential issues during the edge deployment process. We present ML-EXray, an end-to-end framework, which provides visibility into layer-level details of the ML execution, and helps developers analyze and debug cloud-to-edge deployment issues. More often than not, the reason for sub-optimal edge performance does not only lie in the model itself, but every operation throughout the data flow and the deployment process. Evaluations show that ML-EXray can effectively catch deployment issues, such as pre-processing bugs, quantization issues, suboptimal kernels, etc. Using ML-EXray, users need to write less than 15 lines of code to fully examine the edge deployment pipeline. Eradicating these issues, ML-EXray can correct model performance by up to 30 error-prone layers, and guide users to optimize kernel execution latency by two orders of magnitude. Code and APIs will be released as an open-source multi-lingual instrumentation library and a Python deployment validation library.


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