Mobile Supply: The Last Piece of Jigsaw of Recommender System

by   Zhenhao Jiang, et al.

Recommendation system is a fundamental functionality of online platforms. With the development of computing power of mobile phones, some researchers have deployed recommendation algorithms on users' mobile devices to address the problems of data transmission delay and pagination trigger mechanism. However, the existing edge-side mobile rankings cannot completely solve the problem of pagination trigger mechanism. The mobile ranking can only sort the items on the current page, and the fixed set of candidate items limits the performance of the mobile ranking. Besides, after the user has viewed the items of interest to the user on the current page, the user refresh to get a new page of items. This will affect the user's immersive experience because the user is not satisfied with the left items on the current page. In order to address the problem of pagination trigger mechanism, we propose a completely new module in the pipeline of recommender system named Mobile Supply. The pipeline of recommender system is extended to "retrival->pre-ranking->ranking->re-ranking->Mobile Supply->mobile ranking". Specifically, we introduce the concept of list value and use point-wise paradigm to approximate list-wise estimation to calculate the maximum revenue that can be achieved by mobile ranking for the current page. We also design a new mobile ranking approach named device-aware mobile ranking considering the differences of mobile devices tailored to the new pipeline. Extensive offline and online experiments show the superiority of our proposed method and prove that Mobile Supply can further improve the performance of edge-side recommender system and user experience. Mobile Supply has been deployed on the homepage of a large-scale online food platform and has yielded considerable profits in our business.


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