Model-Protected Multi-Task Learning

by   Jian Liang, et al.

Multi-task learning (MTL) refers to the paradigm of learning multiple related tasks together. By contrast, single-task learning (STL) learns each individual task independently. MTL often leads to better trained models because they can leverage the commonalities among related tasks. However, because MTL algorithms will "transmit" information on different models across different tasks, MTL poses a potential security risk. Specifically, an adversary may participate in the MTL process through a participating task, thereby acquiring the model information for another task. Previously proposed privacy-preserving MTL methods protect data instances rather than models, and some of them may underperform in comparison with STL methods. In this paper, we propose a privacy-preserving MTL framework to prevent the information on each model from leaking to other models based on a perturbation of the covariance matrix of the model matrix, and we study two popular MTL approaches for instantiation, namely, MTL approaches for learning the low-rank and group-sparse patterns of the model matrix. Our methods are built upon tools for differential privacy. Privacy guarantees and utility bounds are provided. Heterogeneous privacy budgets are considered. Our algorithms can be guaranteed not to underperform comparing with STL methods. Experiments demonstrate that our algorithms outperform existing privacy-preserving MTL methods on the proposed model-protection problem.


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