MoRe-Fi: Motion-robust and Fine-grained Respiration Monitoring via Deep-Learning UWB Radar

by   Tianyue Zheng, et al.

Crucial for healthcare and biomedical applications, respiration monitoring often employs wearable sensors in practice, causing inconvenience due to their direct contact with human bodies. Therefore, researchers have been constantly searching for contact-free alternatives. Nonetheless, existing contact-free designs mostly require human subjects to remain static, largely confining their adoptions in everyday environments where body movements are inevitable. Fortunately, radio-frequency (RF) enabled contact-free sensing, though suffering motion interference inseparable by conventional filtering, may offer a potential to distill respiratory waveform with the help of deep learning. To realize this potential, we introduce MoRe-Fi to conduct fine-grained respiration monitoring under body movements. MoRe-Fi leverages an IR-UWB radar to achieve contact-free sensing, and it fully exploits the complex radar signal for data augmentation. The core of MoRe-Fi is a novel variational encoder-decoder network; it aims to single out the respiratory waveforms that are modulated by body movements in a non-linear manner. Our experiments with 12 subjects and 66-hour data demonstrate that MoRe-Fi accurately recovers respiratory waveform despite the interference caused by body movements. We also discuss potential applications of MoRe-Fi for pulmonary disease diagnoses.


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