Mr. Right: Multimodal Retrieval on Representation of ImaGe witH Text

by   Cheng-An Hsieh, et al.

Multimodal learning is a recent challenge that extends unimodal learning by generalizing its domain to diverse modalities, such as texts, images, or speech. This extension requires models to process and relate information from multiple modalities. In Information Retrieval, traditional retrieval tasks focus on the similarity between unimodal documents and queries, while image-text retrieval hypothesizes that most texts contain the scene context from images. This separation has ignored that real-world queries may involve text content, image captions, or both. To address this, we introduce Multimodal Retrieval on Representation of ImaGe witH Text (Mr. Right), a novel and comprehensive dataset for multimodal retrieval. We utilize the Wikipedia dataset with rich text-image examples and generate three types of text-based queries with different modality information: text-related, image-related, and mixed. To validate the effectiveness of our dataset, we provide a multimodal training paradigm and evaluate previous text retrieval and image retrieval frameworks. The results show that proposed multimodal retrieval can improve retrieval performance, but creating a well-unified document representation with texts and images is still a challenge. We hope Mr. Right allows us to broaden current retrieval systems better and contributes to accelerating the advancement of multimodal learning in the Information Retrieval.


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