Multi-robot Motion Planning based on Nets-within-Nets Modeling and Simulation

by   Sofia Hustiu, et al.

This paper focuses on designing motion plans for a heterogeneous team of robots that has to cooperate in fulfilling a global mission. The robots move in an environment containing some regions of interest, and the specification for the whole team can include avoidances, visits, or sequencing when entering these regions of interest. The specification is expressed in terms of a Petri net corresponding to an automaton, while each robot is also modeled by a state machine Petri net. With respect to existing solutions for related problems, the current work brings the following contributions. First, we propose a novel model, denoted High-Level robot team Petri Net (HLPN) system, for incorporating the specification and the robot models into the Nets-within-Nets paradigm. A guard function, named Global Enabling Function (gef), is designed to synchronize the firing of transitions such that the robot motions do not violate the specification. Then, the solution is found by simulating the HPLN system in a specific software tool that accommodates Nets-within-Nets. An illustrative example based on a Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) mission is described throughout the paper, complementing the proposed rationale of the framework.


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