Multi-view Deep One-class Classification: A Systematic Exploration

by   Siqi Wang, et al.

One-class classification (OCC), which models one single positive class and distinguishes it from the negative class, has been a long-standing topic with pivotal application to realms like anomaly detection. As modern society often deals with massive high-dimensional complex data spawned by multiple sources, it is natural to consider OCC from the perspective of multi-view deep learning. However, it has not been discussed by the literature and remains an unexplored topic. Motivated by this blank, this paper makes four-fold contributions: First, to our best knowledge, this is the first work that formally identifies and formulates the multi-view deep OCC problem. Second, we take recent advances in relevant areas into account and systematically devise eleven different baseline solutions for multi-view deep OCC, which lays the foundation for research on multi-view deep OCC. Third, to remedy the problem that limited benchmark datasets are available for multi-view deep OCC, we extensively collect existing public data and process them into more than 30 new multi-view benchmark datasets via multiple means, so as to provide a publicly available evaluation platform for multi-view deep OCC. Finally, by comprehensively evaluating the devised solutions on benchmark datasets, we conduct a thorough analysis on the effectiveness of the designed baselines, and hopefully provide other researchers with beneficial guidance and insight to multi-view deep OCC. Our data and codes are opened at and respectively to facilitate future research.


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