NAS-PRNet: Neural Architecture Search generated Phase Retrieval Net for Off-axis Quantitative Phase Imaging

by   Xin Shu, et al.

Single neural networks have achieved simultaneous phase retrieval with aberration compensation and phase unwrapping in off-axis Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI). However, when designing the phase retrieval neural network architecture, the trade-off between computation latency and accuracy has been largely neglected. Here, we propose Neural Architecture Search (NAS) generated Phase Retrieval Net (NAS-PRNet), which is an encoder-decoder style neural network, automatically found from a large neural network architecture search space. The NAS scheme in NAS-PRNet is modified from SparseMask, in which the learning of skip connections between the encoder and the decoder is formulated as a differentiable NAS problem, and the gradient decent is applied to efficiently search the optimal skip connections. Using MobileNet-v2 as the encoder and a synthesized loss that incorporates phase reconstruction and network sparsity losses, NAS-PRNet has realized fast and accurate phase retrieval of biological cells. When tested on a cell dataset, NAS-PRNet has achieved a Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR) of 36.1 dB, outperforming the widely used U-Net and original SparseMask-generated neural network. Notably, the computation latency of NAS-PRNet is only 31 ms which is 12 times less than U-Net. Moreover, the connectivity scheme in NAS-PRNet, identified from one off-axis QPI system, can be well fitted to another with different fringe patterns.


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