Nesterov Meets Optimism: Rate-Optimal Optimistic-Gradient-Based Method for Stochastic Bilinearly-Coupled Minimax Optimization

by   Chris Junchi Li, et al.

We provide a novel first-order optimization algorithm for bilinearly-coupled strongly-convex-concave minimax optimization called the AcceleratedGradient OptimisticGradient (AG-OG). The main idea of our algorithm is to leverage the structure of the considered minimax problem and operates Nesterov's acceleration on the individual part and optimistic gradient on the coupling part of the objective. We motivate our method by showing that its continuous-time dynamics corresponds to an organic combination of the dynamics of optimistic gradient and of Nesterov's acceleration. By discretizing the dynamics we conclude polynomial convergence behavior in discrete time. Further enhancement of AG-OG with proper restarting allows us to achieve rate-optimal (up to a constant) convergence rates with respect to the conditioning of the coupling and individual parts, which results in the first single-call algorithm achieving improved convergence in the deterministic setting and rate-optimality in the stochastic setting under bilinearly coupled minimax problem sets.


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