Network Slice Instantiation for 5G Micro-Operator Deployment Scenario

by   Idris Badmus, et al.

The concept of network slicing is considered as a key part in the development of 5G. Network slicing is the means to logically isolate network capabilities in order to make each slice responsible for specific network requirement. In the same light, the micro-operator concept has emerged for local deployment of 5G for vertical specific service delivery. Even though microoperator networks are expected to be deployed using 5G, most research on network slicing has been directed towards the description on the traditional (MNO) networks with little emphasis on slicing in local 5G networks deployed by different stakeholders. In order to achieve slicing in a micro-operator network, it is of vital importance to understand the different deployment scenarios that can exist and how slicing can be realized for each of these deployments. In this paper, the microoperator networks described include closed, open and mixed network, and for each of these network, different deployment scenarios are established. The paper further proposes approaches for the configuration of Network Slice Instances (NSIs) using the Network Slice Subnet Instances (NSSIs) and other Network Functions (NFs) in a micro-operator network while considering the different deployments. The results highlight the possible deployment scenarios that can be established in a micro-operator network and how network slicing can be efficiently realized for the various local deployments.


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