Neuroscientific User Models: The Source of Uncertain User Feedback and Potentials for Improving Web Personalisation

by   Kevin Jasberg, et al.

In this paper we consider the neuroscientific theory of the Bayesian brain in the light of adaptive web systems and content personalisation. In particular, we elaborate on neural mechanisms of human decision-making and the origin of lacking reliability of user feedback, often denoted as noise or human uncertainty. To this end, we first introduce an adaptive model of cognitive agency in which populations of neurons provide an estimation for states of the world. Subsequently, we present various so-called decoder functions with which neuronal activity can be translated into quantitative decisions. The interplay of the underlying cognition model and the chosen decoder function leads to different model-based properties of decision processes. The goal of this paper is to promote novel user models and exploit them to naturally associate users to different clusters on the basis of their individual neural characteristics and thinking patterns. These user models might be able to turn the variability of user behaviour into additional information for improving web personalisation and its experience.


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Neuroscientific User Models: The Source of Uncertain User Feedback and Potentials for Improving Recommendation and Personalisation

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