Next-generation Surgical Navigation: Multi-view Marker-less 6DoF Pose Estimation of Surgical Instruments

by   Jonas Hein, et al.

State-of-the-art research of traditional computer vision is increasingly leveraged in the surgical domain. A particular focus in computer-assisted surgery is to replace marker-based tracking systems for instrument localization with pure image-based 6DoF pose estimation. However, the state of the art has not yet met the accuracy required for surgical navigation. In this context, we propose a high-fidelity marker-less optical tracking system for surgical instrument localization. We developed a multi-view camera setup consisting of static and mobile cameras and collected a large-scale RGB-D video dataset with dedicated synchronization and data fusions methods. Different state-of-the-art pose estimation methods were integrated into a deep learning pipeline and evaluated on multiple camera configurations. Furthermore, the performance impacts of different input modalities and camera positions, as well as training on purely synthetic data, were compared. The best model achieved an average position and orientation error of 1.3 mm and 1.0 for a surgical drill as well as 3.8 mm and 5.2 for a screwdriver. These results significantly outperform related methods in the literature and are close to clinical-grade accuracy, demonstrating that marker-less tracking of surgical instruments is becoming a feasible alternative to existing marker-based systems.


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