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Object Detection and Recognition of Swap-Bodies using Camera mounted on a Vehicle

by   Ebin Zacharias, et al.

Object detection and identification is a challenging area of computer vision and a fundamental requirement for autonomous cars. This project aims to jointly perform object detection of a swap-body and to find the type of swap-body by reading an ILU code using an efficient optical character recognition (OCR) method. Recent research activities have drastically improved deep learning techniques which proves to enhance the field of computer vision. Collecting enough images for training the model is a critical step towards achieving good results. The data for training were collected from different locations with maximum possible variations and the details are explained. In addition, data augmentation methods applied for training has proved to be effective in improving the performance of the trained model. Training the model achieved good results and the test results are also provided. The final model was tested with images and videos. Finally, this paper also draws attention to some of the major challenges faced during various stages of the project and the possible solutions applied.


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