One-shot Network Pruning at Initialization with Discriminative Image Patches

by   Yinan Yang, et al.

One-shot Network Pruning at Initialization (OPaI) is an effective method to decrease network pruning costs. Recently, there is a growing belief that data is unnecessary in OPaI. However, we obtain an opposite conclusion by ablation experiments in two representative OPaI methods, SNIP and GraSP. Specifically, we find that informative data is crucial to enhancing pruning performance. In this paper, we propose two novel methods, Discriminative One-shot Network Pruning (DOP) and Super Stitching, to prune the network by high-level visual discriminative image patches. Our contributions are as follows. (1) Extensive experiments reveal that OPaI is data-dependent. (2) Super Stitching performs significantly better than the original OPaI method on benchmark ImageNet, especially in a highly compressed model.


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