One-stage Shape Instantiation from a Single 2D Image to 3D Point Cloud

by   Xiao-Yun Zhou, et al.

Shape instantiation which predicts the 3D shape of a dynamic target from one or more 2D images is important for real-time intra-operative navigation. Previously, a general shape instantiation framework was proposed with manual image segmentation to generate a 2D Statistical Shape Model (SSM) and with Kernel Partial Least Square Regression (KPLSR) to learn the relationship between the 2D and 3D SSM for 3D shape prediction. In this paper, the two-stage shape instantiation is improved to be one-stage. PointOutNet with 19 convolutional layers and three fully-connected layers is used as the network structure and Chamfer distance is used as the loss function to predict the 3D target point cloud from a single 2D image. With the proposed one-stage shape instantiation algorithm, a spontaneous image-to-point cloud training and inference can be achieved. A dataset from 27 Right Ventricle (RV) subjects, indicating 609 experiments, were used to validate the proposed one-stage shape instantiation algorithm. An average point cloud-to-point cloud (PC-to-PC) error of 1.72mm has been achieved, which is comparable to the PLSR-based (1.42mm) and KPLSR-based (1.31mm) two-stage shape instantiation algorithm.


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