One-step Multi-view Clustering with Diverse Representation

by   Xinhang Wan, et al.

Multi-view clustering has attracted broad attention due to its capacity to utilize consistent and complementary information among views. Although tremendous progress has been made recently, most existing methods undergo high complexity, preventing them from being applied to large-scale tasks. Multi-view clustering via matrix factorization is a representative to address this issue. However, most of them map the data matrices into a fixed dimension, which limits the expressiveness of the model. Moreover, a range of methods suffer from a two-step process, i.e., multimodal learning and the subsequent k-means, inevitably causing a sub-optimal clustering result. In light of this, we propose a one-step multi-view clustering with diverse representation method, which incorporates multi-view learning and k-means into a unified framework. Specifically, we first project original data matrices into various latent spaces to attain comprehensive information and auto-weight them in a self-supervised manner. Then we directly use the information matrices under diverse dimensions to obtain consensus discrete clustering labels. The unified work of representation learning and clustering boosts the quality of the final results. Furthermore, we develop an efficient optimization algorithm to solve the resultant problem with proven convergence. Comprehensive experiments on various datasets demonstrate the promising clustering performance of our proposed method.


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