Online Continual Learning with Contrastive Vision Transformer

by   Zhen Wang, et al.
The University of Sydney

Online continual learning (online CL) studies the problem of learning sequential tasks from an online data stream without task boundaries, aiming to adapt to new data while alleviating catastrophic forgetting on the past tasks. This paper proposes a framework Contrastive Vision Transformer (CVT), which designs a focal contrastive learning strategy based on a transformer architecture, to achieve a better stability-plasticity trade-off for online CL. Specifically, we design a new external attention mechanism for online CL that implicitly captures previous tasks' information. Besides, CVT contains learnable focuses for each class, which could accumulate the knowledge of previous classes to alleviate forgetting. Based on the learnable focuses, we design a focal contrastive loss to rebalance contrastive learning between new and past classes and consolidate previously learned representations. Moreover, CVT contains a dual-classifier structure for decoupling learning current classes and balancing all observed classes. The extensive experimental results show that our approach achieves state-of-the-art performance with even fewer parameters on online CL benchmarks and effectively alleviates the catastrophic forgetting.


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