Operating data of a specific Aquatic Center as a Benchmark for dynamic model learning: search for a valid prediction model over an 8-hour horizon

by   François Gauthier-Clerc, et al.

This paper presents an identification repository based on data from a public swimming pool in operation. Such a system is both a complex process and easily understandable by all with regard to the issues. Ultimately, the aim is to reduce the energy bill while maintaining the level of quality of service. This objective is general in scope and not just limited to public swimming pools. It can be done efficiently through what is known as economic predictive control. This type of advanced control is based on a process model. It is the problem of this article and the benchmark considered to show that such a dynamic model can be obtained from operating data. For this, operational data is formatted and shared, and model quality indicators are proposed. On this basis, the first identification results illustrate the results obtained by a linear multivariable model on the one hand, and by a neural model on the other hand. They call for other proposals and results from control and data scientists for comparison.


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