Optimal error bounds on the exponential wave integrator for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with low regularity potential and nonlinearity

by   Weizhu Bao, et al.

We establish optimal error bounds for the exponential wave integrator (EWI) applied to the nonlinear Schrödinger equation (NLSE) with L^∞-potential and/or locally Lipschitz nonlinearity under the assumption of H^2-solution of the NLSE. For the semi-discretization in time by the first-order Gautschi-type EWI, we prove an optimal L^2-error bound at O(τ) with τ>0 being the time step size, together with a uniform H^2-bound of the numerical solution. For the full-discretization scheme obtained by using the Fourier spectral method in space, we prove an optimal L^2-error bound at O(τ + h^2) without any coupling condition between τ and h, where h>0 is the mesh size. In addition, for W^1, 4-potential and a little stronger regularity of the nonlinearity, under the assumption of H^3-solution, we obtain an optimal H^1-error bound. Furthermore, when the potential is of low regularity but the nonlinearity is sufficiently smooth, we propose an extended Fourier pseudospectral method which has the same error bound as the Fourier spectral method while its computational cost is similar to the standard Fourier pseudospectral method. Our new error bounds greatly improve the existing results for the NLSE with low regularity potential and/or nonlinearity. Extensive numerical results are reported to confirm our error estimates and to demonstrate that they are sharp.


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