Parallel Optimization for Cooperative Autonomous Driving at Unsignalized Roundabouts with Hard Safety Guarantees

by   Zhenmin Huang, et al.

The development of connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs) facilitates the enhancement of traffic efficiency in complicated scenarios. In unsignalized roundabout scenarios, difficulties remain unsolved in developing an effective and efficient coordination strategy for CAVs. In this paper, we formulate the cooperative autonomous driving problem of CAVs in the roundabout scenario as a constrained optimal control problem, and propose a computationally-efficient parallel optimization framework to generate strategies for CAVs such that the travel efficiency is improved with hard safety guarantees. All constraints involved in the roundabout scenario are addressed appropriately with convex approximation, such that the convexity property of the reformulated optimization problem is exhibited. Then, a parallel optimization algorithm is presented to solve the reformulated optimization problem, where an embodied iterative nearest neighbor search strategy to determine the optimal passing sequence in the roundabout scenario. It is noteworthy that the travel efficiency in the roundabout scenario is enhanced and the computation burden is considerably alleviated with the innovation development. We also examine the proposed method in CARLA simulator and perform thorough comparisons with a rule-based baseline and the commonly used IPOPT optimization solver to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed approach.


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