Parser-Free Virtual Try-on via Distilling Appearance Flows

by   Yuying Ge, et al.

Image virtual try-on aims to fit a garment image (target clothes) to a person image. Prior methods are heavily based on human parsing. However, slightly-wrong segmentation results would lead to unrealistic try-on images with large artifacts. Inaccurate parsing misleads parser-based methods to produce visually unrealistic results where artifacts usually occur. A recent pioneering work employed knowledge distillation to reduce the dependency of human parsing, where the try-on images produced by a parser-based method are used as supervisions to train a "student" network without relying on segmentation, making the student mimic the try-on ability of the parser-based model. However, the image quality of the student is bounded by the parser-based model. To address this problem, we propose a novel approach, "teacher-tutor-student" knowledge distillation, which is able to produce highly photo-realistic images without human parsing, possessing several appealing advantages compared to prior arts. (1) Unlike existing work, our approach treats the fake images produced by the parser-based method as "tutor knowledge", where the artifacts can be corrected by real "teacher knowledge", which is extracted from the real person images in a self-supervised way. (2) Other than using real images as supervisions, we formulate knowledge distillation in the try-on problem as distilling the appearance flows between the person image and the garment image, enabling us to find accurate dense correspondences between them to produce high-quality results. (3) Extensive evaluations show large superiority of our method (see Fig. 1).


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