Parsing Table Structures in the Wild

by   Rujiao Long, et al.

This paper tackles the problem of table structure parsing (TSP) from images in the wild. In contrast to existing studies that mainly focus on parsing well-aligned tabular images with simple layouts from scanned PDF documents, we aim to establish a practical table structure parsing system for real-world scenarios where tabular input images are taken or scanned with severe deformation, bending or occlusions. For designing such a system, we propose an approach named Cycle-CenterNet on the top of CenterNet with a novel cycle-pairing module to simultaneously detect and group tabular cells into structured tables. In the cycle-pairing module, a new pairing loss function is proposed for the network training. Alongside with our Cycle-CenterNet, we also present a large-scale dataset, named Wired Table in the Wild (WTW), which includes well-annotated structure parsing of multiple style tables in several scenes like the photo, scanning files, web pages, etc.. In experiments, we demonstrate that our Cycle-CenterNet consistently achieves the best accuracy of table structure parsing on the new WTW dataset by 24.6% absolute improvement evaluated by the TEDS metric. A more comprehensive experimental analysis also validates the advantages of our proposed methods for the TSP task.


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