Patch-Based Stochastic Attention for Image Editing

by   Nicolas Cherel, et al.

Attention mechanisms have become of crucial importance in deep learning in recent years. These non-local operations, which are similar to traditional patch-based methods in image processing, complement local convolutions. However, computing the full attention matrix is an expensive step with a heavy memory and computational load. These limitations curb network architectures and performances, in particular for the case of high resolution images. We propose an efficient attention layer based on the stochastic algorithm PatchMatch, which is used for determining approximate nearest neighbors. We refer to our proposed layer as a "Patch-based Stochastic Attention Layer" (PSAL). Furthermore, we propose different approaches, based on patch aggregation, to ensure the differentiability of PSAL, thus allowing end-to-end training of any network containing our layer. PSAL has a small memory footprint and can therefore scale to high resolution images. It maintains this footprint without sacrificing spatial precision and globality of the nearest neighbours, which means that it can be easily inserted in any level of a deep architecture, even in shallower levels. We demonstrate the usefulness of PSAL on several image editing tasks, such as image inpainting and image colorization.


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