Performance Analysis of OTSM under Hardware Impairments in Millimeter-Wave Vehicular Communication Networks

by   Abed Doosti-Aref, et al.

Orthogonal time sequency multiplexing (OTSM) has been recently proposed as a single-carrier (SC) waveform offering similar bit error rate (BER) to multi-carrier orthogonal time frequency space (OTFS) modulation in doubly-spread channels under high mobilities; however, with much lower complexity making OTSM a promising candidate for low-power millimeter-wave (mmWave) vehicular communications in 6G wireless networks. In this paper, the performance of OTSM-based homodyne transceiver is explored under hardware impairments (HIs) including in-phase and quadrature imbalance (IQI), direct current offset (DCO), phase noise, power amplifier non-linearity, carrier frequency offset, and synchronization timing offset. First, the discrete-time baseband signal model is obtained in vector form under the mentioned HIs. Then, the system input-output relations are derived in time, delay-time, and delay-sequency (DS) domains in which the parameters of HIs are incorporated. Analytical studies demonstrate that noise stays white Gaussian and effective channel matrix is sparse in the DS domain under HIs. Also, DCO appears as a DC signal at receiver interfering with only the zero sequency over all delay taps in the DS domain; however, IQI redounds to self-conjugated fully-overlapping sequency interference. Simulation results reveal the fact that with no HI compensation (HIC), not only OTSM outperforms plain SC waveform but it performs close to uncompensated OTFS system; however, HIC is essentially needed for OTSM systems operating in mmWave and beyond frequency bands.


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