PGT-Net: Progressive Guided Multi-task Neural Network for Small-area Wet Fingerprint Denoising and Recognition

by   Yu-Ting Li, et al.

Fingerprint recognition on mobile devices is an important method for identity verification. However, real fingerprints usually contain sweat and moisture which leads to poor recognition performance. In addition, for rolling out slimmer and thinner phones, technology companies reduce the size of recognition sensors by embedding them with the power button. Therefore, the limited size of fingerprint data also increases the difficulty of recognition. Denoising the small-area wet fingerprint images to clean ones becomes crucial to improve recognition performance. In this paper, we propose an end-to-end trainable progressive guided multi-task neural network (PGT-Net). The PGT-Net includes a shared stage and specific multi-task stages, enabling the network to train binary and non-binary fingerprints sequentially. The binary information is regarded as guidance for output enhancement which is enriched with the ridge and valley details. Moreover, a novel residual scaling mechanism is introduced to stabilize the training process. Experiment results on the FW9395 and FT-lightnoised dataset provided by FocalTech shows that PGT-Net has promising performance on the wet-fingerprint denoising and significantly improves the fingerprint recognition rate (FRR). On the FT-lightnoised dataset, the FRR of fingerprint recognition can be declined from 17.75 dataset, the FRR of fingerprint recognition can be declined from 9.45 1.09


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