Poly-MOT: A Polyhedral Framework For 3D Multi-Object Tracking

by   Xiaoyu Li, et al.

3D Multi-object tracking (MOT) empowers mobile robots to accomplish well-informed motion planning and navigation tasks by providing motion trajectories of surrounding objects. However, existing 3D MOT methods typically employ a single similarity metric and physical model to perform data association and state estimation for all objects. With large-scale modern datasets and real scenes, there are a variety of object categories that commonly exhibit distinctive geometric properties and motion patterns. In this way, such distinctions would enable various object categories to behave differently under the same standard, resulting in erroneous matches between trajectories and detections, and jeopardizing the reliability of downstream tasks (navigation, etc.). Towards this end, we propose Poly-MOT, an efficient 3D MOT method based on the Tracking-By-Detection framework that enables the tracker to choose the most appropriate tracking criteria for each object category. Specifically, Poly-MOT leverages different motion models for various object categories to characterize distinct types of motion accurately. We also introduce the constraint of the rigid structure of objects into a specific motion model to accurately describe the highly nonlinear motion of the object. Additionally, we introduce a two-stage data association strategy to ensure that objects can find the optimal similarity metric from three custom metrics for their categories and reduce missing matches. On the NuScenes dataset, our proposed method achieves state-of-the-art performance with 75.4% AMOTA. The code is available at https://github.com/lixiaoyu2000/Poly-MOT


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