POMCPOW: An online algorithm for POMDPs with continuous state, action, and observation spaces

by   Zachary Sunberg, et al.

Online solvers for partially observable Markov decision processes have been applied to problems with large discrete state spaces, but continuous state, action, and observation spaces remain a challenge. This paper begins by investigating double progressive widening (DPW) as a solution to this challenge. However, we prove that this modification alone is not sufficient because the belief representations in the search tree collapse to a single particle causing the algorithm to converge to a policy that is suboptimal regardless of the computation time. The main contribution of the paper is to propose a new algorithm, POMCPOW, that incorporates DPW and weighted particle filtering to overcome this deficiency and attack continuous problems. Simulation results show that these modifications allow the algorithm to be successful where previous approaches fail.


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Online solver based on Monte Carlo tree search for POMDPs with continuous state, action, and observation spaces.

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