Practical Guidance for Bayesian Inference in Astronomy

by   Gwendolyn M. Eadie, et al.

In the last two decades, Bayesian inference has become commonplace in astronomy. At the same time, the choice of algorithms, terminology, notation, and interpretation of Bayesian inference varies from one sub-field of astronomy to the next, which can lead to confusion to both those learning and those familiar with Bayesian statistics. Moreover, the choice varies between the astronomy and statistics literature, too. In this paper, our goal is two-fold: (1) provide a reference that consolidates and clarifies terminology and notation across disciplines, and (2) outline practical guidance for Bayesian inference in astronomy. Highlighting both the astronomy and statistics literature, we cover topics such as notation, specification of the likelihood and prior distributions, inference using the posterior distribution, and posterior predictive checking. It is not our intention to introduce the entire field of Bayesian data analysis – rather, we present a series of useful practices for astronomers who already have an understanding of the Bayesian "nuts and bolts" and wish to increase their expertise and extend their knowledge. Moreover, as the field of astrostatistics and astroinformatics continues to grow, we hope this paper will serve as both a helpful reference and as a jumping off point for deeper dives into the statistics and astrostatistics literature.


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