Predictive Maneuver Planning with Deep Reinforcement Learning (PMP-DRL) for comfortable and safe autonomous driving

by   Jayabrata Chowdhury, et al.

This paper presents a Predictive Maneuver Planning with Deep Reinforcement Learning (PMP-DRL) model for maneuver planning. Traditional rule-based maneuver planning approaches often have to improve their abilities to handle the variabilities of real-world driving scenarios. By learning from its experience, a Reinforcement Learning (RL)-based driving agent can adapt to changing driving conditions and improve its performance over time. Our proposed approach combines a predictive model and an RL agent to plan for comfortable and safe maneuvers. The predictive model is trained using historical driving data to predict the future positions of other surrounding vehicles. The surrounding vehicles' past and predicted future positions are embedded in context-aware grid maps. At the same time, the RL agent learns to make maneuvers based on this spatio-temporal context information. Performance evaluation of PMP-DRL has been carried out using simulated environments generated from publicly available NGSIM US101 and I80 datasets. The training sequence shows the continuous improvement in the driving experiences. It shows that proposed PMP-DRL can learn the trade-off between safety and comfortability. The decisions generated by the recent imitation learning-based model are compared with the proposed PMP-DRL for unseen scenarios. The results clearly show that PMP-DRL can handle complex real-world scenarios and make better comfortable and safe maneuver decisions than rule-based and imitative models.


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