PrefGen: Preference Guided Image Generation with Relative Attributes

by   Alec Helbling, et al.

Deep generative models have the capacity to render high fidelity images of content like human faces. Recently, there has been substantial progress in conditionally generating images with specific quantitative attributes, like the emotion conveyed by one's face. These methods typically require a user to explicitly quantify the desired intensity of a visual attribute. A limitation of this method is that many attributes, like how "angry" a human face looks, are difficult for a user to precisely quantify. However, a user would be able to reliably say which of two faces seems "angrier". Following this premise, we develop the PrefGen system, which allows users to control the relative attributes of generated images by presenting them with simple paired comparison queries of the form "do you prefer image a or image b?" Using information from a sequence of query responses, we can estimate user preferences over a set of image attributes and perform preference-guided image editing and generation. Furthermore, to make preference localization feasible and efficient, we apply an active query selection strategy. We demonstrate the success of this approach using a StyleGAN2 generator on the task of human face editing. Additionally, we demonstrate how our approach can be combined with CLIP, allowing a user to edit the relative intensity of attributes specified by text prompts. Code at


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