Prompt-Learning for Fine-Grained Entity Typing

by   Ning Ding, et al.

As an effective approach to tune pre-trained language models (PLMs) for specific tasks, prompt-learning has recently attracted much attention from researchers. By using cloze-style language prompts to stimulate the versatile knowledge of PLMs, prompt-learning can achieve promising results on a series of NLP tasks, such as natural language inference, sentiment classification, and knowledge probing. In this work, we investigate the application of prompt-learning on fine-grained entity typing in fully supervised, few-shot and zero-shot scenarios. We first develop a simple and effective prompt-learning pipeline by constructing entity-oriented verbalizers and templates and conducting masked language modeling. Further, to tackle the zero-shot regime, we propose a self-supervised strategy that carries out distribution-level optimization in prompt-learning to automatically summarize the information of entity types. Extensive experiments on three fine-grained entity typing benchmarks (with up to 86 classes) under fully supervised, few-shot and zero-shot settings show that prompt-learning methods significantly outperform fine-tuning baselines, especially when the training data is insufficient.


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