Prospecting Community Development Strength based on Economic Graph: From Categorization to Scoring

by   Chang Liao, et al.

Recent years have witnessed a growing number of researches on community characterization. In contrast to the large body of researches on the categorical measures (rise or decline) for evaluating the community development, we propose to estimate the community development strength (to which degree the rise or decline is). More specifically, given already known categorical information of community development, we are attempting to quantify the community development strength, which is of great interest. Motivated by the increasing availability of large-scale data on the network between entities among communities, we investigate how to score the the community's development strength. We formally define our task as prospecting community development strength from categorization based on multi-relational network information and identify two challenges as follows: (1) limited guidance for integrating entity multi-relational network in quantifying the community development strength; (2) the existence of selection effect that the community development strength has on network formation. Aiming at these challenges, we start by a hybrid of discriminative and generative approaches on multi-relational network-based community development strength quantification. Then a network generation process is exploited to debias the selection process. In the end, we empirically evaluate the proposed model by applying it to quantify enterprise business development strength. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.


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