Pseudo-Data based Self-Supervised Federated Learning for Classification of Histopathological Images

by   Jun Shi, et al.

Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) can help pathologists improve diagnostic accuracy together with consistency and repeatability for cancers. However, the CAD models trained with the histopathological images only from a single center (hospital) generally suffer from the generalization problem due to the straining inconsistencies among different centers. In this work, we propose a pseudo-data based self-supervised federated learning (FL) framework, named SSL-FT-BT, to improve both the diagnostic accuracy and generalization of CAD models. Specifically, the pseudo histopathological images are generated from each center, which contains inherent and specific properties corresponding to the real images in this center, but does not include the privacy information. These pseudo images are then shared in the central server for self-supervised learning (SSL). A multi-task SSL is then designed to fully learn both the center-specific information and common inherent representation according to the data characteristics. Moreover, a novel Barlow Twins based FL (FL-BT) algorithm is proposed to improve the local training for the CAD model in each center by conducting contrastive learning, which benefits the optimization of the global model in the FL procedure. The experimental results on three public histopathological image datasets indicate the effectiveness of the proposed SSL-FL-BT on both diagnostic accuracy and generalization.


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