QoS-Aware Service Prediction and Orchestration in Cloud-Network Integrated Beyond 5G

by   Mohammad Farhoudi, et al.

Novel applications such as the Metaverse have highlighted the potential of beyond 5G networks, which necessitate ultra-low latency communications and massive broadband connections. Moreover, the burgeoning demand for such services with ever-fluctuating users has engendered a need for heightened service continuity consideration in B5G. To enable these services, the edge-cloud paradigm is a potential solution to harness cloud capacity and effectively manage users in real time as they move across the network. However, edge-cloud networks confront a multitude of limitations, including networking and computing resources that must be collectively managed to unlock their full potential. This paper addresses the joint problem of service placement and resource allocation in a network-cloud integrated environment while considering capacity constraints, dynamic users, and end-to-end delays. We present a non-linear programming model that formulates the optimization problem with the aiming objective of minimizing overall cost while enhancing latency. Next, to address the problem, we introduce a DDQL-based technique using RNNs to predict user behavior, empowered by a water-filling-based algorithm for service placement. The proposed framework adeptly accommodates the dynamic nature of users, the placement of services that mandate ultra-low latency in B5G, and service continuity when users migrate from one location to another. Simulation results show that our solution provides timely responses that optimize the network's potential, offering a scalable and efficient placement.


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