Quantum Symmetric Private Information Retrieval with Secure Storage and Eavesdroppers

by   Alptug Aytekin, et al.

We consider both the classical and quantum variations of X-secure, E-eavesdropped and T-colluding symmetric private information retrieval (SPIR). This is the first work to study SPIR with X-security in classical or quantum variations. We first develop a scheme for classical X-secure, E-eavesdropped and T-colluding SPIR (XSETSPIR) based on a modified version of cross subspace alignment (CSA), which achieves a rate of R= 1 - X+max(T,E)/N. The modified scheme achieves the same rate as the scheme used for X-secure PIR with the extra benefit of symmetric privacy. Next, we extend this scheme to its quantum counterpart based on the N-sum box abstraction. This is the first work to consider the presence of eavesdroppers in quantum private information retrieval (QPIR). In the quantum variation, the eavesdroppers have better access to information over the quantum channel compared to the classical channel due to the over-the-air decodability. To that end, we develop another scheme specialized to combat eavesdroppers over quantum channels. The scheme proposed for X-secure, E-eavesdropped and T-colluding quantum SPIR (XSETQSPIR) in this work maintains the super-dense coding gain from the shared entanglement between the databases, i.e., achieves a rate of R_Q = min{ 1, 2(1-X+max(T,E)/N)}.


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