RAN Slicing for Massive IoT and Bursty URLLC Service Multiplexing: Analysis and Optimization

by   Peng Yang, et al.

The radio access network (RAN) is regarded as one of the potential proposals for massive Internet of Things (mIoT), where the random access channel (RACH) procedure should be exploited for IoT devices to access to the RAN. However, modelling of the dynamic process of RACH of mIoT devices is challenging. To address this challenge, we first revisit the frame and minislot structure of the RAN. Then, we correlate the RACH request of an IoT device with its queue status and analyze the queue evolution process. Based on the analysis result, we derive the closed-form expression of the RA success probability of the device. Besides, considering the agreement on converging different services onto a shared infrastructure, we further investigate the RAN slicing for mIoT and bursty ultra-reliable and low latency communications (URLLC) service multiplexing. Specifically, we formulate the RAN slicing problem as an optimization one aiming at optimally orchestrating RAN resources for mIoT slices and bursty URLLC slices to maximize the RA success probability and energy-efficiently satisfy bursty URLLC slices' quality-of-service (QoS) requirements. A slice resource optimization (SRO) algorithm exploiting relaxation and approximation with provable tightness and error bound is then proposed to mitigate the optimization problem.


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