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Randomized methods to characterize large-scale vortical flow network

by   Zhe Bai, et al.
Berkeley Lab

We demonstrate the effective use of randomized methods for linear algebra to perform network-based analysis of complex vortical flows. Network theoretic approaches can reveal the connectivity structures among a set of vortical elements and analyze their collective dynamics. These approaches have recently been generalized to analyze high-dimensional turbulent flows, for which network computations can become prohibitively expensive. In this work, we propose efficient methods to approximate network quantities, such as the leading eigendecomposition of the adjacency matrix, using randomized methods. Specifically, we use the Nyström method to approximate the leading eigenvalues and eigenvectors, achieving significant computational savings and reduced memory requirements. The effectiveness of the proposed technique is demonstrated on two high-dimensional flow fields: two-dimensional flow past an airfoil and two-dimensional turbulence. We find that quasi-uniform column sampling outperforms uniform column sampling, while both feature the same computational complexity.


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