Rank-Based Learning and Local Model Based Evolutionary Algorithm for High-Dimensional Expensive Multi-Objective Problems

by   Guodong Chen, et al.

Surrogate-assisted evolutionary algorithms have been widely developed to solve complex and computationally expensive multi-objective optimization problems in recent years. However, when dealing with high-dimensional optimization problems, the performance of these surrogate-assisted multi-objective evolutionary algorithms deteriorate drastically. In this work, a novel Classifier-assisted rank-based learning and Local Model based multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm (CLMEA) is proposed for high-dimensional expensive multi-objective optimization problems. The proposed algorithm consists of three parts: classifier-assisted rank-based learning, hypervolume-based non-dominated search, and local search in the relatively sparse objective space. Specifically, a probabilistic neural network is built as classifier to divide the offspring into a number of ranks. The offspring in different ranks uses rank-based learning strategy to generate more promising and informative candidates for real function evaluations. Then, radial basis function networks are built as surrogates to approximate the objective functions. After searching non-dominated solutions assisted by the surrogate model, the candidates with higher hypervolume improvement are selected for real evaluations. Subsequently, in order to maintain the diversity of solutions, the most uncertain sample point from the non-dominated solutions measured by the crowding distance is selected as the guided parent to further infill in the uncertain region of the front. The experimental results of benchmark problems and a real-world application on geothermal reservoir heat extraction optimization demonstrate that the proposed algorithm shows superior performance compared with the state-of-the-art surrogate-assisted multi-objective evolutionary algorithms. The source code for this work is available at https://github.com/JellyChen7/CLMEA.


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