Reachability-based Safe Planning for Multi-Vehicle Systems withMultiple Targets

by   Jennifer C. Shih, et al.

Recently there have been a lot of interests in introducing UAVs for a wide range of applications, making ensuring safety of multi-vehicle systems a highly crucial problem. Hamilton-Jacobi (HJ) reachability is a promising tool for analyzing safety of vehicles for low-dimensional systems. However, reachability suffers from the curse of dimensionality, making its direct application to more than two vehicles intractable. Recent works have made it tractable to guarantee safety for 3 and 4 vehicles with reachability. However, the number of vehicles safety can be guaranteed for remains small. In this paper, we propose a novel reachability-based approach that guarantees safety for any number of vehicles while vehicles complete their objectives of visiting multiple targets efficiently, given any K-vehicle collision avoidance algorithm where K can in general be a small number. We achieve this by developing an approach to group vehicles into clusters efficiently and a control strategy that guarantees safety for any in-cluster and cross-cluster pair of vehicles for all time. Our proposed method is scalable to large number of vehicles with little computation overhead. We demonstrate our proposed approach with a simulation on 15 vehicles. In addition, we contribute a more general solution to the 3-vehicle collision avoidance problem from a past recent work, show that the prior work is a special case of our proposed generalization, and prove its validity.


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