Real-time Federated Evolutionary Neural Architecture Search

by   Hangyu Zhu, et al.

Federated learning is a distributed machine learning approach to privacy preservation and two major technical challenges prevent a wider application of federated learning. One is that federated learning raises high demands on communication, since a large number of model parameters must be transmitted between the server and the clients. The other challenge is that training large machine learning models such as deep neural networks in federated learning requires a large amount of computational resources, which may be unrealistic for edge devices such as mobile phones. The problem becomes worse when deep neural architecture search is to be carried out in federated learning. To address the above challenges, we propose an evolutionary approach to real-time federated neural architecture search that not only optimize the model performance but also reduces the local payload. During the search, a double-sampling technique is introduced, in which for each individual, a randomly sampled sub-model of a master model is transmitted to a number of randomly sampled clients for training without reinitialization. This way, we effectively reduce computational and communication costs required for evolutionary optimization and avoid big performance fluctuations of the local models, making the proposed framework well suited for real-time federated neural architecture search.


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