Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces-Assisted Multiuser MIMO Uplink Transmission with Partial CSI

by   Li You, et al.

This paper considers the application of reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RISs) (a.k.a. intelligent reflecting surfaces (IRSs)) to assist multiuser multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) uplink transmission from several multi-antenna user terminals (UTs) to a multi-antenna base station (BS). For reducing the signaling overhead, only partial channel state information (CSI), including the instantaneous CSI between the RIS and the BS as well as the slowly varying statistical CSI between the UTs and the RIS, is exploited in our investigation. In particular, an optimization framework is proposed for jointly designing the transmit covariance matrices of the UTs and the RIS phase shift matrix to maximize the system global energy efficiency (GEE) with partial CSI. We first obtain closed-form solutions for the eigenvectors of the optimal transmit covariance matrices of the UTs. Then, to facilitate the design of the transmit power allocation matrices and the RIS phase shifts, we derive an asymptotically deterministic equivalent of the objective function with the aid of random matrix theory. We further propose a suboptimal algorithm to tackle the GEE maximization problem with guaranteed convergence, capitalizing on the approaches of alternating optimization, fractional programming, and sequential optimization. Numerical results substantiate the effectiveness of the proposed approach as well as the considerable GEE gains provided by the RIS-assisted transmission scheme over the traditional baselines.


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