Regression Trees on Grassmann Manifold for Adapting Reduced-Order Models

by   Xiao Liu, et al.

Low dimensional and computationally less expensive Reduced-Order Models (ROMs) have been widely used to capture the dominant behaviors of high-dimensional systems. A ROM can be obtained, using the well-known Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD), by projecting the full-order model to a subspace spanned by modal basis modes which are learned from experimental, simulated or observational data, i.e., training data. However, the optimal basis can change with the parameter settings. When a ROM, constructed using the POD basis obtained from training data, is applied to new parameter settings, the model often lacks robustness against the change of parameters in design, control, and other real-time operation problems. This paper proposes to use regression trees on Grassmann Manifold to learn the mapping between parameters and POD bases that span the low-dimensional subspaces onto which full-order models are projected. Motivated by the fact that a subspace spanned by a POD basis can be viewed as a point in the Grassmann manifold, we propose to grow a tree by repeatedly splitting the tree node to maximize the Riemannian distance between the two subspaces spanned by the predicted POD bases on the left and right daughter nodes. Five numerical examples are presented to comprehensively demonstrate the performance of the proposed method, and compare the proposed tree-based method to the existing interpolation method for POD basis and the use of global POD basis. The results show that the proposed tree-based method is capable of establishing the mapping between parameters and POD bases, and thus adapt ROMs for new parameters.


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