Regularized randomized iterative algorithms for factorized linear systems

by   Kui Du, et al.

Randomized iterative algorithms for solving a factorized linear system, 𝐀𝐁𝐱=𝐛 with π€βˆˆβ„^mΓ—β„“, πβˆˆβ„^β„“Γ— n, and π›βˆˆβ„^m, have recently been proposed. They take advantage of the factorized form and avoid forming the matrix 𝐂=𝐀𝐁 explicitly. However, they can only find the minimum norm (least squares) solution. In contrast, the regularized randomized Kaczmarz (RRK) algorithm can find solutions with certain structures from consistent linear systems. In this work, by combining the randomized Kaczmarz algorithm or the randomized Gauss–Seidel algorithm with the RRK algorithm, we propose two novel regularized randomized iterative algorithms to find (least squares) solutions with certain structures of 𝐀𝐁𝐱=𝐛. We prove linear convergence of the new algorithms. Computed examples are given to illustrate that the new algorithms can find sparse (least squares) solutions of 𝐀𝐁𝐱=𝐛 and can be better than the existing randomized iterative algorithms for the corresponding full linear system 𝐂𝐱=𝐛 with 𝐂=𝐀𝐁.


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