Relational Learning Analysis of Social Politics using Knowledge Graph Embedding

by   Bilal Abu-Salih, et al.

Knowledge Graphs (KGs) have gained considerable attention recently from both academia and industry. In fact, incorporating graph technology and the copious of various graph datasets have led the research community to build sophisticated graph analytics tools. Therefore, the application of KGs has extended to tackle a plethora of real-life problems in dissimilar domains. Despite the abundance of the currently proliferated generic KGs, there is a vital need to construct domain-specific KGs. Further, quality and credibility should be assimilated in the process of constructing and augmenting KGs, particularly those propagated from mixed-quality resources such as social media data. This paper presents a novel credibility domain-based KG Embedding framework. This framework involves capturing a fusion of data obtained from heterogeneous resources into a formal KG representation depicted by a domain ontology. The proposed approach makes use of various knowledge-based repositories to enrich the semantics of the textual contents, thereby facilitating the interoperability of information. The proposed framework also embodies a credibility module to ensure data quality and trustworthiness. The constructed KG is then embedded in a low-dimension semantically-continuous space using several embedding techniques. The utility of the constructed KG and its embeddings is demonstrated and substantiated on link prediction, clustering, and visualisation tasks.


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